**We are currently appointment only for every service we provide and for every purchase made. Same day appointments are available but not guaranteed

-Each tattoo artist sets their own minimum price on tattoos they perform.

-A photo ID is required for ALL tattoo and piercing services.

-If under the legal age of 18, a parent/legal guardian MUST be present when minors receive a tattoo or piercing service. The parents photo ID, minors photo ID and minors birth certificate are required.

-If a legal guardian is to be present, they MUST bring documentation indicating proof of legal guardianship in addition to the above mentioned items.

-No one under the age of 18 years old will receive any nipple, genital, surface piercings or microdermal anchors.

-No one under the age of 16 years old will receive a tattoo or piercing, EXCEPT:

1. Nostril, septum and single helix at 14 years of age and up.

2. Earlobes at 7 years of age and up. Please click HERE for important info.

-Prices for tattoos will not be quoted over the phone. Pricing depends on the size, location, amount of detail and technical requirements involved. Please feel free to stop by and speak with our staff to obtain a proper price quote.
Appointments are welcome and are accepted with a deposit to reserve your time slot. Your deposit will be applied to the price of your tattoo.


*You WILL LOSE your deposit if:

*You reserve an appointment and are unable to be present at your scheduled time without providing at least 48 hours notice so that we may reschedule you.

*You change your mind and have the artist draw something completely different or have the artist re-draw to the point where it is wasting time and it will be given to the artist who earned it preparing your artwork and turned away other clients to keep your time slot open.

Please be courteous of other client’s time and ours. If you see yourself running late just give us a call and inform us of your delay. We are committing a good part of our day to you and would appreciate your commitment as well.

-Body jewelry is NON-REFUNDABLE due to the nature of the items. If an item has a manufacturing defect it will be exchanged for you.

-SET UP FEE: Here at South Main Tattoo & Piercing we will NEVER coerce anyone to get a service they are not ready for. However, last minute change of hearts after the artist or piercer has set up his/her station is subject to a set-up fee.

-For your convenience, we accept cash and all major credit and debit cards, including American Express. We DO NOT accept checks.

-We DO NOT allow alcohol or drugs inside the studio. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs WILL NOT be tattooed or pierced. No exceptions.

-No pets are allowed in our studios.

-We honor all work for up to six months of receiving the tattoo at no additional charge, excluding hands and feet. Note: The artist who originally did the tattoo is responsible for touch-ups. Artists other than responsible artist may opt to charge a minimum fee or more. Please check with the artist in advance for availability.

-If you have any additional questions, please call the shop 1-844-9-TATTOO

Thank you.