We are now offering Laser Tattoo Removal

We are excited to announce we will be offering laser tattoo removal starting as soon as we open again! We can offer, but not guarantee, total removal or to lighten your existing tattoo for a cover up. We use the Cynosure Affinity QS, a high-powered, Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. Pricing will be 2 tier. $150 per session for small…

Gum Ball Tattoos

In our last episode of stupid news post, we are giving away cheese. Now what to do with it?? You want a rad tat brah, but can’t decide on one? You want ink but can’t think?? We introduce the gum ball machine! That’s right, for a mere Quarter (plus the $80-$150 for the actual tattoo)…

Looking for awesome people.

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Looking for a professional tattoo artist to serve their clients in a positive, low stress and clean work environment in a fantastic location. We offer a stable, independent, and supportive culture. No employees, just peers. Right person will have clientele in the area currently. Contact me directly for details. 215-350-9828 or sbolletino@gmail.com

South Main T-Shirts!

South Main Tattoo T-shirts are in, just in time for the Holidays! M-XL. Come in to get the most sought after gift this Holiday season for loved ones and for anyone, even if you don’t like them, we don’t mind! Just $15!!