Megan Kovak

Megan learned how to tattoo in St.Augustine Florida at Ms.Deborah’s Fountain of Youth under Sofia Niles (previously known as Debbie Inksmith) and Bryan Register. Before tattooing, she studied fine arts at Flagler College with a focus in oil painting. Megan prides herself on her linework, cleanliness, and attention to detail. She had a traditional style apprenticeship and still loves tattooing traditional style, but has also developed her own style that she explains as “neotraditional meets realism”. She loves using different line weights, realistic shading, and prefers black and grey for most things, but color for traditional tattoos. Megan is typically booked out for a few months at a time and operates her booking by opening and closing her books. If you would like to book with Megan, you can email her at by clicking on the contact link.