Giving out straight up cheese!

Attention students!! We realize being a student is a full time job so money is tight. From Oct. 1 until the end of the year we are giving away the cheddar, coin, scratch, bacon, bisquick, CREAM, fetti, green, payola, Shekels. You get what I’m throwin down. Come in to South Main Tattoo, show your student ID and get a $15 gift card. It’s that simple, show ID, get scrilla!! You must be 18 to get the Wonga! Use the bones whenever you want, the day you get the OPM, or save the guac for a rainy day. What ev’s.

The idiot who writes the news blog for South Main Tattoo would like to include the reference for his wannabe funny post. But seriously, come get that lolly!

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